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The whole entertainment circle spoils me [system] (8th Dec 22 at 2:09am UTC)
"Su Su, chairman of our company, has recently encountered a series of slander and false rumors.." "Because of the death of the elders involved, Su Su had planned to wait for public opinion to subside after the cold treatment, but did not expect public opinion intensified.". We have previously issued a statement that Su Su does not have any blood brother. Su Su has never used any stage name. Her mother's surname is Su, and her surname comes from her mother. She doesn't have any relatives in the entertainment circle at present. Although her mother and Su Qinghe were sisters, Su Qinghe had disappeared before Su Su was born. As soon as this statement came out, it really exploded the entertainment circle. No one expected that Su Qinghe and Su Su would have such a connection. This time Weibo was really paralyzed. So, Su Qinghe is Su Su's aunt? My God, it's so mysterious. I think they are totally different from each other! Am I the only one who thinks Xiao Su is so pitiful? She didn't know what kind of mood she was in before, but after she took it, she was ridiculed by the whole network for having no acting skills. Although after the TV series broadcast, word of mouth did reverse, but I still love my Xiao Su very much! Haha, an actress never thought that she not only touched Su Su's porcelain, but also Su Qinghe's porcelain. Ha ha ha, Su Su's only relative in the entertainment circle is Su Qinghe. "Isn't someone's face swollen yet?"? It is indeed the same company as a certain actress surnamed He, and the means of stepping on people is exactly the same. But I'm sorry, this time you met with a hard stubble. Husband is now the second generation of stars, right? Husband, we have all got our certificates. When are we going to have a wedding banquet? So Xiao Su,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, I mean, is Su Qinghe really missing? Does no one know what happened to her? Alas, not even her niece has heard from her. I have scolded Su Su before, and I apologize. I didn't expect to scold my idol's niece. No matter which Xiao Su, you all have to be good. After this statement, Crisp Sugar Entertainment published several letters from Su Qinghe to Su Qing. In the letter, the two were indeed sisters and had a very close relationship. Su Qinghe's agent also spoke out, saying that Su Qinghe had indeed repeatedly mentioned Su Qing and Su Su in front of him. More and more insiders have come out to clear the name of Su Su. There are some people, Su Su did reveal the existence of Su Qing and himself in front of them. But there are other people, when she was dressed as Su Qinghe, she did not say a few words to them, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, but now she also came out as a good friend of Su Qinghe to speak for Su Su. Things are much smoother than expected. Until Tang Yu called. Tang Yu? Before that, Tang Yu confessed the existence of Su Qinghe to Su Su, and said frankly that he entered the entertainment circle to find Su Qinghe. At first, Su Su did not know the identity of Su Qinghe. But if you only look at the statement issued by Crisp Sugar Entertainment, it is easy to misunderstand that Su Su concealed the existence of Su Qinghe from him. But Tang Yu did not blame Su Su. I see. His voice is a little harsh. Su Su paused, "Tang Yu, actually." "You don't have to explain to me." Tang Yu's tone is still light, "I know you must have difficulties, but now I have one thing to ask you." "My foster father wants to see you," he said. His adoptive father is Tang Shao. Su Su owed something in his heart and naturally agreed to come down. The appointed place is the old hotel. Eighteen years ago, this hotel was already standing in the city of Hangzhou. Now, 18 years later, the hotel has expanded its scale and has become an iconic Hangzhou cuisine restaurant. Tang Shaoyue's box was the same one eighteen years ago. Under the guidance of the waiter, Su Su entered the box. Tang Shao has not changed much. He is only in his forties now, and apart from a few wrinkles in the corners of his eyes, he can't see any trace of time on his body. You're a lot like her. It was the first thing he said when he saw Su Su. Su Su nodded and took his seat. Tang Shao is no longer the young boy he was eighteen years ago. The years did not leave any traces on his face, but polished him steady and deep. He is facing Su Su, just like every well-intentioned elder facing the younger generation. I checked you out. He said. Su Su raised his eyebrows. If I had known about your existence earlier, I would not have let the Cheng family do what they did. Su Su smiled, "you worry too much.".
The past is the past, and I am living a good life now, which is enough. He looked at Su Su a little deeper. You smile just like your aunt. Su Su heart way, this is the same person. There may be some differences in appearance, but there must be little difference in expression. Is it? ' Su Su can only ask in reply. Don't be nervous, "he looked at Su Su's eyes very lovingly," I had it with your aunt. Your aunt and I are very close friends. I am also a fan of your aunt. I have been paying attention to her. Su Su pursed his lips. I've been looking for her ever since she disappeared. I came to you today to ask you. Did your aunt really not contact you once after she disappeared? Su Su shook his head. He sighed with great disappointment. Also, when so many people were watching, she could. At this point, he was very cautious to stop. He looked at Su Su, raised his eyebrows slightly, and said tentatively, "Your aunt has an unusual ability. Do you know that?" Su Su paused and shook his head. Seeing this, Tang Shao stood up and said to the screen, "You can come out now." There was someone else in the room. Su Su was also startled and immediately stood up. There is also a familiar face behind the screen. Su Su has only met once, but he has never forgotten. It's the gentle secretary. It was Su Qinghe who had specially asked Tang Shao for a relationship before he met him. He looked at Su Su for a moment and then smiled a little. It's really like that. Not only the appearance is similar, but also the words and deeds are very similar,stainless steel welded pipe, which is not like the recognition of dry relatives at all. This is an old fox. If he wanted to, he could play around with the callow Su Su. As soon as he came up, he told Su Su that he had found out the relationship between Su Su and Su Qinghe.
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